The Company

Our goal is to automate the repetitive mundane tasks in garden complexes. Freeing up time for the worker to do the hard tasks ill-suited for automation. Our initial focus is on replacing the task of weed burning in gravel and stone-paved areas.

Initially, our focus is on solutions for groundsmen and commercial sites, but in time we hope to create a solution for the consumer market. The green transition and EU legislation are prohibiting the use of herbicides. As a result, many sites are forced to rethink their pavement weeding. Robots are a new and beneficial way to solve this issue, without significantly increasing labor needs.

The project started in January of 2023 and was incorporated as Heibjerg Aps in September of 2023. Heibjerg is in the early stage of development and is currently developing the first robotic prototypes. Denmark has placed itself as one of the top countries for robotics technology. It has an ecosystem with strong research institutions, support organizations, and networks within the robotics field.

The Team

The founders, and team of Heibjerg


Heibjerg Nominated for an award
Heibjerg made it to the finalist round at ERF24.

Heibjerg Featured in Press
Heibjerg got featured at AP during our concept demonstration at R-24.

Heibjerg Joins Odense Robotics Heibjerg is happy to announce that we are a member of Odense Robotics. Odense Robotics is the Danish national cluster for robot, drone and automation industry.