Tired of burning weeds? Automate it

Tired of pulling and burning weeds? Weeding in the garden is never fun, and in gravel or stone patios or driveways, it can be an uphill battle. At Heibjerg we seek to automate the repetitive tasks in the garden. We are developing a robot capable of steam weeding. The robot does the weeding in a safe, automatic, and efficient manner.

"Enjoy the time in the garden. Automate the repetitive tasks"

The hours lost during the summer using a weed burner, meticulously applying poison, or pulling weeds can now be used more productively. By letting a robot remove the weeds in the driveway or patio you free up time to enjoy the summer without getting overrun by weeds.

The Heibjerg Robot removes the weeds automatically. The process is similar to using a weed burner. Instead of a gas-powered flame, the robot uses boiling water to safely remove the weeds. Thus removing the risk of accidentally starting a fire.

It's safe, easy, and eco-friendly!

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icon indication Automatic actionAutomatic

Keeps the weed away with minimum effort

Eco-Friendly leaf iconEco-Friendly

No poison, just hard work

Safe iconSafe

Water steam ensures no accidental fires

Spot treatment iconSpot Treatment

Only treat the weeds to minimize tear on the patio

Weather aware iconWeather Aware

Uses weather data to ensure optimal weed killing

No Perimeter Wire iconNo Perimeter Wire

No perimeter wire is needed

A weed free gravel driveway with stone paved areas

The Robot

The Heibjerg weeding robot removes weeds from gravel or stone-paved driveways and patios. It does so using hot water and steam to kill the weeds before they mature.

Weed killing Using Boiling Water

The working principle is the same as a regular gas or electric weed burner. Heat damages the surface of the weed. This disrupts the weed's natural ability to self-regulate. This will eventually kill the weed completely. By using water as the heat-transmitting substance there is no chance of igniting surrounding wood or structures. It is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to a weed burner or poison.

Navigation Using GPS

The robot navigates complex areas using GPS and vision. No perimeter wires are needed. The location-aware robot can navigate complex patio layouts. Since the robot knows where it is, it can systematically treat the working area, without skipping corners.

Most of the time the robot will be in the charging bay. Here it will monitor the weather conditions and determine if the optimal killing conditions are present. It will scan the area for signs of weeds daily. If any is detected they will be marked for treatment. When optimal conditions are present the robot will apply the treatment to all detected weeds. Keeping the area weed free with minimum tear on the surface.

Robot scan the area for weeds

Robot scan the area for weeds

Robot waits for the optimal time to treat weeds

Robot waits for the optimal time to treat weeds

Robot treats weeds located during scan

Robot treats weeds located during scan

Robot sits idly till it is time to work again

Robot sits idly till it is time to work again

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